Cultural Management


State code 6531LX042
Faculty Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies
Study field Management
Qualification Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Culture Management
Form and duration of studies Full-time studies, 3 years
Credits 180
Study plans Degree Course 2019-2022


Career Prospects

Graduates of the Cultural Management study program will have a wide range of opportunities in different sectors and functions of cultural and creative industries. After completing the program, the graduates will be qualified to continue with a relevant master’s degree at universities in Lithuania or abroad or pursue a career in artistic associations, concert organizations, agencies, theaters, TV companies, leisure centers, cultural centers, art galleries, cultural organizations as event, project managers, producers, creative directors etc.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge and its application
  2. To coordinate the internal and external communication of the organization in order to achieve the goals of the organization;
  3. To apply modern information processing tools and techniques;
  4. To apply essential principles of state and international culture policy and economics in professional activities.
  5. Research skills
  6. To organize empirical studies of cultural field, analyzing and evaluating the cultural peculiarities of Lithuania and other countries and the business environment.
  • Special abilities
  1. To develop and implement cultural projects, organize cultural activities of artists and performers;
  2. To develop and implement cultural activities of local communities, organize leisure activities and the inclusion of these communities in a cultural life;
  3. To develop sustainable cultural business system.
  4. Social abilities
  5. To follow the ideas of sustainable development, taking into account cultural, social and other contexts;
  6. To apply various negotiation strategies, plan and organize personal and / or project team activities, effectively deal with conflicts.
  7. Personal abilities
  8. To plan, analyze and critically evaluate chosen strategies of activities, to set goals, formulate tasks and provide the most effective ways and means for their implementation;
  9. To make ethical decisions, apply these decisions in practice and develop new ideas in the professional field.


Full-time study plan
Degree Course 2019-2022

1st semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation*
Creative Communication in a Foreign Language 6 E
The Art of Eloquence 3 E
Psychology of Art 3 E
Management 6 P
Entrepreneurship Education 3 P
History of Audiovisual and Visual Arts 6 E
Cultural Tourism Management 3 E
2nd semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Creative Communication in a Foreign Language 6 E
Theater and Music History 6 E
Art Market 3 E
Fashion Design Industry 3 E
Sustainable Management 3 E
Culture Politics 6 P
Internship of Entrepreneurship Education 6 P
3rd semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Theater and Entertainment Industries 3 E
Music Industry 3 E
Cultural Project Management 6 P
Film and TV Industry 3 E
Professional Ethics 3 E
Fundraising 3 E
Strategic Management 6 E
Elective Subject 3 P
4th semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Digital Video Technologies 3 P
Cultural Economics and Corporate Finance 6 E
Social Sciences Research Methodology 9 E
Marketing 6 P
Internship of Management 6 P
5th semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Intellectual Property Law 3 E
Project Internship 9 P
Elective Subject 3 P
Specialization: Performing Arts Management
Theatrical Events Management 6 P
Music Events Management 6 P
Organization of Performing Arts Activities 3 P
Specialization: Event Management
Management of Cultural and Entertainment Events 6 P
Stage Mastery 6 P
Event Directing and Screenwriting 3
6th semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
International Business Communication 3 E
Sales Management and Negotiations 3 P
Final Internship 9 P
Elective Subject 3 P
Final (Bachelor) Thesis 12 Defense

Elective subjects are chosen from a list of elective subjects

* E – exam, P – project